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In today’s business world, where your customers and clients expect answers and solutions at the click of a digital button, speed is of the essence.

Yet 93 % of companies claim that their performance level is in danger from back-office systems and procedures that are simply too cumbersome, and that technicians and specialists get too bogged down with admin and paperwork – tasks that could be instead carried out by talented third-party operators.

Little wonder then that the most successful international companies have chosen to rely on a Global Business Services model for their mainstay admin and service procedures. By delegating various and varied channels and silos to one, consolidated professional services team, automisation and integration increases. This in turn clears the way for new capabilities and innovation to be more quickly launched and integrated into your company.

Find Out The Advantages of a Global Business Service

Research shows that with correct integration and talent pool, Global Business Services provide a consistently better and more global experience – for your employees, your suppliers, and your clients.

For sales forces, costs associated with admin can be reduced between 15 and 25%, while improved supply chain analytics and distribution management can boost capability by as much as 45%. By outsourcing knowledge management, R&D scientists and technicians have been able to save 25% of their time, allowing them to focus on new products, increase time to market, and give companies a competitive edge.

To summarise, with the right talent a dedicated Global Business Services team can mean:

  • A 30% jump in cost efficiency 
  • A 10-20% better cost margin  
  • Improve gross sales by as much as 5% 
  • Save a third on customer service costs

However, the type of large-scale hires needed when setting up a Global Business Service can be daunting for procurement leaders and HR managers. This where Page Resourcing steps in with tailor-made recruitment solutions and engagement technology for voluminous human resources.

Page Resourcing Meets Your Global Business Service Hire Needs

Always been at the forefront of global business trends and developments, Page Resourcing has access to vast established and untapped talent pools for Global Business Services. From call centre operators to data analysts, admin staff and onboarders, Page Resourcing offers client-tailored solutions that cater to fluctuating needs and volume, culturally diverse environments and hybrid working models.

With a philosophy that thinks globally but acts locally, Page Resourcing takes the heat off your own staff selection department by providing screening, assessment, interviewing, selection and background checks for your Global Business Department or any scenario where special and non-specialist talent is needed on demand.

Download the Global Business Service Infographic

Download the Infographic

In this infographic you can learn the benefits of operating a Global Business Service.

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