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Welcome to Page Resourcing’s Global Recruitment Trends 2023, your indispensable guide to the challenges and opportunities facing employers and job seekers worldwide, plus the drivers that will shape recruitment trends in the coming months.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of business leaders to gather insights on the key areas and skills that will give candidates the edge in today’s competitive recruitment landscape. Our survey of job seekers from across the globe will also help employers understand the priorities and concerns of today’s top talent – and vice versa.  

Employers are investing in salaries and wellbeing

While 2022 saw fierce competition for talent in one of the tightest labour markets on record, we expect this year’s recruitment landscape to be impacted by the unpredictable economic market and inflation in most parts of the world. This economic uncertainty is likely to result in fewer job openings or even hiring freezes — but employers are still well aware of the need to attract the best talent and diversify their candidate pools, and are investing in higher salaries and wellbeing initiatives to support employees.     

In line with this trend, a new area of focus for companies this year includes enhancing their employee value proposition (EVP) and employer branding, reducing recruitment spend and optimising the hiring process. Employers are also keen to find agile recruitment solutions that will allow them to scale up and down based on business needs.

Candidates see the job market improving

Most job seekers are certain that they will find a new role within three months, with candidates in Latin America, Continental Europe and the United Kingdom more optimistic about their prospects in 2023 compared to 2022. When asked about the job market and economy, candidates were largely optimistic about the future — although compared to last year’s responses, a smaller percentage rated the future job market and economy “good”. 

This year’s infographic also includes exclusive insights into the Asia Pacific region. Candidates there are most likely to leave their job for a change of career, role or industry (84%), while dissatisfaction with the company culture is the least likely reason (17%). Around two-thirds (65%) also say they are willing to sacrifice salary, bonus or promotion for greater wellbeing, mental health and happiness.

Software developers are still highly sought after

Software developers remain high on the list of the roles that are most in demand in 2023, along with sales representatives. New to the top five this year are recruitment experts, data analysts and data engineers, replacing engineers (project and DevOps), cloud specialists and project managers from 2022’s most in-demand roles. Accordingly, the most-wanted hard skills relate to those roles — ranging from data analysis to sales — while highly desired soft skills include adaptability and emotional intelligence.

That’s just a flavour of the top trends and analysis in our Global Recruitment Trends 2023 report. Ready to unlock key insights to help you tap new talent pools? Download our infographic now.

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