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Embracing Equity with Laura Gross, Senior Global Account Director at Page Resourcing

For International Women’s Day, we want to raise awareness about equity in the workplace and showcase the importance of creating a work environment where everyone is treated equally and can thrive professionally. To do this, we interviewed leaders about their experiences and the ways they promote equity.

What does the International Women’s Day slogan #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

For me, working as long as I have in the field of talent acquisition and being in a position to influence talent selection, I have been able to see the powerful impact of bringing people with varying values and perspectives together. 

As a leader, I think embracing the concept of equity has helped me ensure that I am making a positive impact in my workplace by acknowledging any potential inequities people may face and actively working to address those imbalances.

What are three ways you embrace equity within your work team?

First, I am intentional when it comes to performance feedback and evaluation of my team. I think it’s important to look at opportunity versus productivity when it comes to evaluations and things like promotions and pay equity.

I am also a big advocate of skills-based hiring. It’s important to recognize that everyone doesn’t come from the same starting place. I prefer to look at talent based on experience and potential, rather than just degrees or educational background.

Finally, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work for Page Resourcing, which believes very strongly that we should advocate and gain knowledge about equity. I’ve been able to participate in workshops created by our diversity and inclusion ambassadors, and I think it’s always important to take advantage of those opportunities and then self-reflect. Are you working in an ethical way? Are you being fair? Are you being just in the way that you run your business?

How do you drive equity?

I think there’s a difference between diversity and equity. And there’s a difference between equity and equality. Equity is about levelling the playing field and eliminating unjust advantages. This allows you to see who is really performing at a high level.

What advice would you give someone striving for gender equity in their career?

First, participate and understand the concepts involved in equity. Don’t mistake equity for something that’s owed to you because of one communal attribute like your gender. Equity is about being given a spot at the appropriate starting line and could be based on multiple factors or situational circumstances. Always work hard, do your best and give it everything you’ve got. At a minimum, without this track record, you will be in a tough spot if it became necessary to advocate for equitable treatment. And, on that note, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself when you see something that needs to be addressed.

Finally, participate. Hold yourself accountable. Make sure you understand if you have any biases. Reflect, and do it often to ensure that you are working in an ethical way. Walk the walk.

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