In this two-part series, Page Resourcing explores each generation currently in the workforce and some of their distinct characteristics as well as how you can tailor your employer brand to resonate with each. Read part one here.

Building a generation-relevant employer brand 

By tuning into the distinct preferences of each generation, global talent acquisition and human resources managers can craft an employer brand that not only draws a wide range of talent but also cultivates a dynamic and innovative work environment. Let's explore how various generations react to different facets of employer branding. 

Employee well-being  

  • Traditionalists & Baby Boomers: Focus on stability and comprehensive health benefits. For instance, offer retirement planning workshops alongside traditional health plans. 
  • Gen X & Millennials: Emphasise work-life balance and mental health resources, such as flexible scheduling and access to wellness programs. 
  • Gen Z: Offer flexible well-being options like personalised fitness and mental health apps, catering to their individual preferences. 

Remote and hybrid work adaptability 

  • Baby Boomers & Gen X: Provide options for partial remote work, like a 3-day office, 2-day home schedule, to respect their preference for in-person interactions. 
  • Millennials & Gen Z: Implement fully flexible remote work policies, supporting their digital-first lifestyle with tools like virtual collaboration platforms. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) 

  • Traditionalists to Gen X: Educate on the importance of DEI in the workplace through regular training and inclusive policy updates. 
  • Millennials & Gen Z: Actively promote and implement DEI initiatives, such as mentorship and reverse mentorship programmes that foster cross-generational and diverse pairings. 

Technology integration and candidate experience 

  • Traditionalists & Baby Boomers: Ensure technology is accessible, providing user guides and IT support to ease the digital transition. 
  • Gen X to Gen Z: Utilise modern, user-friendly technology in recruitment processes, like AI-driven application systems. 

Purpose-driven employer branding 

  • Baby Boomers & Gen X: Align the company’s goals with their personal values, such as loyalty and work ethic, in branding messages. 
  • Millennials & Gen Z: Highlight the company's mission and societal impact. Share stories of corporate social responsibility initiatives on social platforms. 

Employee advocacy programmes 

  • Baby Boomers & Gen X: Encourage sharing experience and wisdom through internal knowledge-sharing forums. 
  • Millennials & Gen Z: Leverage their digital presence for brand advocacy, encouraging social media engagement around company events and achievements. 

Continuous learning and development 

  • Traditionalists & Baby Boomers: Offer opportunities to share knowledge, such as leading internal training sessions on practical leadership skills or sharing insights on industry evolution. 
  • Gen X to Gen Z: Provide ongoing training and career development, like digital skill workshops and career pathing tools. 

Agile workforce & skills-based hiring 

All Generations: Develop a workplace culture that prioritises adaptability and skill diversity. Introduce practical initiatives like project rotations, where employees can work in different departments, and skills-based hiring practices. For example, using assessment tools during recruitment that focus on real-world tasks and problem-solving abilities rather than just traditional qualifications. This approach ensures that workplace values are aligned with an individual’s ability to contribute meaningfully, regardless of their generation. 

Uniting generations: The Page Resourcing approach 

Looking ahead, the demographic statistics indicate the growing importance of age in recruitment trends that will shape the future of work. Research forecasts an increasingly multi-generational workforce, underscoring the need for businesses to plan for the changes and adapt accordingly. Talent advisory services championed by Page Resourcing, work to assist global businesses in understanding the impending changes to the demographics of their workforce and pave the way for this future. 

Page Resourcing brings expertise from the wider Group and helps clients in crafting solutions that cater to a multigenerational workforce through sound insight and advisory. Having successfully guided numerous organisations in crafting and refining their employer branding strategies, focusing on aspects like employee well-being, remote work, adaptability and DE&I.  

With our global footprint and deep expertise, we can help you develop an employer brand that not only attracts diverse talent but also champions the strengths of each generation. Contact us today, and let’s start transforming your employer brand into a magnet for multigenerational talent. 

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