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At Page Resourcing we are committed to promoting equal opportunities and inclusion in the workplace – as an employer, a provider of services and through our suppliers. For this reason, it is highly important to us to give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month and beyond. To do this, we interviewed leaders around the world.

Interview with Gavin Smith, People Director, Brompton Bicycle

How can an employer make their workplace more inclusive toward the LGBTQ+ community?

Awareness and education are always a good place to start. We launched Pride@brompton over a year ago to educate our employees about all things LGBTQ+ through our company engagement platform. Our Pride group created video content to raise awareness about what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community and to dispel some of the myths about the community that still exist.

Why is an LGBTQ+ community at work important?

Sometimes the work environment is one of the only safe environments LGBTQ+ employees have for various reasons. This is why, no matter how small their organisation is, employers should let employees know their workplace welcomes diversity and inclusion at all levels.

I’m a small business. How do I get involved?

There are various activities going on in your local area. When starting out, the easiest thing to do is affiliate yourself with other activities that have already been organised. We’re lucky we have the local Pride Ride around central London, which we’re attending for the second year.

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