Global recruitment trends 2021

What companies and candidates need to know.

Welcome to Page Resourcing’s Global Recruitment Trends 2022,  a comprehensive overview about the shifts, challenges and opportunities experienced by employers and job seekers around the world over the past months.  

In a post-pandemic, candidate-driven market, staying ahead of the curve and competition starts with looking inwards. Through hundreds of frank conversations with business leaders and top candidates, we’ve gathered insights on the key areas, skills and benefits that employers are prioritising, to triumph in today’s complex, competitive recruitment landscape. 

We’ve also surveyed job seekers from across the globe and compiled the findings to help employers understand the priorities and concerns of today’s top talent – and vice versa – and support their decision-making and strategy. Ready to explore the most valuable trends that will help you hire smarter and attract the best candidates? Read on… 


Download the Page Resourcing Global Recruitment Trends 2022 to discover:

  • Core insights from top employers on key market trends, areas for development and improvement, in-demand roles and sought-after skills. 

  • Reflections from job candidates around the globe on where they see themselves now and in the near future. 


Be the best to bring the best

We’re in a brave new recruitment paradigm – and we know it. As the hiring freeze thaws and job vacancies flourish, employers that look at who they are, get who they want.  

So, what drives top talent towards a company and keeps them there? Which new working models are here to stay? Which formerly nice-to-have values and practices are becoming essential? With digital transformation in full swing, what are the most in-demand roles, the most highly-desired soft-skills and the most sought-after skills? Explore the top trends revealed by our business leaders from around the globe. 


Think like a top candidate

In a candidate-driven market, companies have to put themselves in top talent’s shoes to fill their skills and capacity gaps. Where do today’s best candidates see themselves right now? And where do they want to be in three, or 12-months’ time? Unlock key insights that can help employers define and refine the working conditions, benefits and culture that will win the war for talent.

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