Helping a Mexican store supply start-up beef up its sales force and other functions

Project details:

Our client is a Mexican store supply company that specialises in providing store owners with a range of products and services. It offers products ranging from traditional snacks and beverages to modern convenience items. The company also provides store owners other services, such as store design, inventory management and customer service. 

Being a newcomer in its sector, our client faced two key challenges. First, its relatively low profile meant that attracting top candidates was challenging. Second, it lacked the operational capacity to conduct high-volume recruitment, which was needed to staff key corporate vacancies in areas such as the sales force. Page Resourcing had the market knowledge and resources to help the client in both these areas.

The client’s HR director had collaborated successfully with Page Resourcing at his previous company and recommended us for this RPO engagement. 

Location: Mexico
Type of project: RPO
Timeframe: March 2021
Functions: Salesforce, IT, marketing, finance, compliance, HR
Placements: 100+

The Brief:

The client and Page Resourcing agreed on the following targets/KPIs:

●    4-5 hires per consultant per month
●    20 sales force hires per month
●    Reduction in cost per hire

The Solution:

Our consultants were embedded in the client’s offices and tasked with providing regular reports and market insights. 

Candidates were sourced via job boards, LinkedIn and social media platforms. 

The Impact:

The client was impressed with our team’s work and particularly appreciative of our efforts to recruit across various Mexican states, thereby helping the company with its national expansion. 

●    Average time to hire: 3 weeks
●    Hires per month: 15 - 20
●    Total number of applications: 3490
●    Candidates interviewed: 1742

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