1,600 placements Australian supermarket

Project details:

To combat consumer hoarding caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a major Australian supermarket chain contacted Page Resourcing to urgently source 500 temporary contractors as stock fillers in Victoria and Western Australia, for immediate commencement in their retail stores. 


Location: Australia 
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the Project: More than 500 people 
Timeframe: 10 days 
Functions: Stock Fillers 
Placements: 1,600 


The Brief:

  • On the same day the project started, the request increased to 1,000 workers 
  • The next business day, it rose to 1,600, including all states and territories  
  • Hiring for immediate commencement in their retail stores  

We set up a dedicated project team who prepared a robust project plan which included information on ensuring the project risks are visible.   

The planning and delivery benefitted from a coordinated approach that factored in each stage of the project, including effective sourcing, screening and safety management of candidates, through to payrolling, reporting and payment. 

Page Resourcing quickly coordinated and mobilised over 500 candidates in the first two days, and over 1,600 workers within ten days. 

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