462 placements expand IT Sales teams in Brazil

Project details:

Vivo is a leading telecommunications company headquartered in Brazil. In 2010, it joined the Telefônica Brasil group with 327 million customers in 21 countries. The company currently has more than 10,000 employees and is at the cutting edge of mobile phone technology, high-speed broadband, and HD cable TV. It also offers B2B solutions for companies and wholesale operators. Vivo Telefonica logo

Location: Brazil
Type of project: Recruitment outsourcing, RPO
Size of the project: More than 500 people
Timeframe: 37 months
Functions: IT & Sales
Lives changed: 689


The Brief:

We were tasked with creating an RPO to expand the technology (cyber security experts, software developers, systems analysts, architects, data engineers, etc.) and commercial areas of the company. Our team was also responsible for analysing Vivo’s existing staff structure and satisfaction to create career development plans and internship programs.

The Solution:

A 100% dedicated team responsible for planning and executing the entire selection process, from candidate search to admissions.

  • Competency based interview training for managers
  • Organisation of recruitment day (a specific day for interviews with managers accompanied by recruiters) to speed up the process
  • Candidate search throughout Brazil (especially São Paulo, Curitiba, and Belo Horizonte)
  • Gamified recruitment process (candidates had to plan the development of an app)
  • Diversity: focus on finding women for tech jobs and people over 50 for shortlist diversity
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports to present results
  • Control and management of indicators for Page Resourcing and other R&S providers
  • R&S management using ATS (Gupy)
  • Salesforce usage

The Impact:

  • 689 lives changed
  • 30% of women hired for tech positions
  • 22 candidates over 50 years old under contract
  • 83% of the shortlist delivered within the agreed deadline


"During the RPO we had an exclusive and dedicated team and great facility to understand and translate truly complex large volume hiring into specific strategies, actions and results.”

Head of Talent Acquisition, Vivo Telefônica


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