Welcome to Adapt & Thrive, an eBook telling the story of how companies navigated their way through the COVID crisis and what you can learn from their resilience and strategic foresight. As well as reviewing the dramatic events of 2020, the eBook looks towards the future. What critical skills have moved from nice-to-have to essential, and how will this impact the shape of teams going forward. And how can companies optimise their talent acquisition strategies to access these skills?

Download the Adapt & Thrive eBook today to learn:

  • How an RPO provider can help multinationals set up a business services hub thousands of miles away.
  • How even conservative, family-owned companies leveraged digital technology to meet their hiring goals during the pandemic.
  • How businesses headquartered in major metropolitan areas are broadening the geographical scope of their talent acquisition process.
  • Why companies without a strong employer value proposition find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.
  • Why access to real-time data and business intelligence has never been more critical.
  • How this will continue to be a candidates’ market, requiring companies to craft a compelling message about why people should want to work for them.

Why RPO matters

We shouldn’t underestimate the challenges companies have faced and will continue to face in a pandemic-changed world. Consumer habits are evolving at breakneck speed. Talent is scarce. Candidates want their employers to share their values, prioritise work-life balance, and provide a competitive salary with a full range of benefits.

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) providers understand this better than anyone, which is why more and more companies with high-volume hiring needs are choosing to partner with them. RPO is here to stay and more prevalent than ever with an expected growth of 18.8%. Outsourcing solutions can drive a broad range of key performance indicators, including:

  • Time to hire
  • Percentage of offers accepted
  • Meeting diversity goals
  • Reducing annual costs per hire
  • Data reporting to global stakeholders
  • Candidate and hiring manager satisfaction levels

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