“I consider myself an industry insider - able to put myself in the position of my partners and really understand their business goals and outcomes. Their successes, are my successes.”

Kacper Grabowski joined Michael Page Poland to create their finance, accounting and shared services division. Following the COVID crisis in 2020 he was instrumental in restructuring the business to increase market share and became head of Michael Page Business Services Poland, an offshoot of Page Resourcing, in 2021.  

Kacper graduated with a law degree from University of Wroclaw and joined PageGroup in 2015 where he thrived within its culture of trust, empowerment and flexibility. He soon became responsible for all operations across Poland, putting together a specialised team to recruit for high volume positions many of which are 100% remote. Kacper’s strong focus on deliverables, and his empathy for the challenge’s businesses face, have made him a highly valued, and trusted partner in an increasingly complex market. 

A voracious reader, he also enjoys hiking, traveling and getting to know different cultures, but his heart is in Italy, where he hopes to live one day.

Kacper Grabowski
Kacper Grabowski
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