Recruitment outsourcing in Mexico and Central America

Page Resourcing and the local market

The region has recently undergone a transformation and evolution in terms of its human capital. The advent of new positions and trends in the competitive Mexican and Latin American markets has increased the necessity of employing specialised experts, forcing businesses to learn how to quickly attract highly demanded profiles. Our recruitment solutions were developed to address these issues by merging project management techniques, PageGroup's knowledge, and advance technology.

Brindamos soluciones de reclutamiento diseñadas de acuerdo a las necesidades particulares de cada uno de nuestros clientes, apoyándolos con la contratación por volumen en México y América Central.

Desde nuestras oficinas, se puede atender tanto la demanda local como la regional, lo que implica que es posible gestionar proyectos de contratación masiva de toda América Latina desde México.

Our Services

We offer hiring solutions tailored to each of our customer's unique requirements, assisting them in volume-based hiring throughout Mexico and Central America. Our offices can accommodate both local and regional demand, from Mexico to all Latin America. We have a model that works across many industries and serves all types of enterprises with the following solutions:

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

  • Long-term outsourcing of all or part of the talent acquisition process
  • Professional attraction, recruitment, and selection in its whole
  • Identifying the present procedure and its improvement plan, assuring its execution, and managing change
  • Hiring, educating, and supervising a team that works just for one client
  • Productivity and performance measures for decision making

RPO on demand / Project on demand

  • Ideal for long-term hiring, ensuring rapid scalability and supply during peak seasons
  • Complete recruitment cycle execution for key organizational positions or areas
  • Team management, team building, and team hiring based on client needs
  • Indicators of continuous performance throughout the recruitment cycle
  • Assistance with the application procedure

Consultancy services

  • We offer consulting on changes in professional paths, digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, regulation, and best practices
  • We assess market requirements (availability and talent attraction, rotation rates and absenteeism)
  • We produce candidate maps (training, career motivation, remuneration and benefits packages, languages)
  • We conduct surveys on the workplace climate and provide outplacement services

Por qué aliarse con Page Resourcing

Why team up with Page Resourcing?

There are many reasons to partner up with us. One of them is that we are a part of PageGroup, an organisation with a well-known history and extensive experience hiring professionals. In addition, PageGroup has more than 8,000 employees worldwide and a presence in more than 37 countries, which gives all our services confidence, robustness, and a global perspective.

Another significant benefit is that we provide a guarantee for all hires. This guarantee is meant to reassure you and demonstrate our commitment to helping you find the volume-based hiring solution your company needs.

What are the 4 features of our proposals?

Focus on data and technology

We continually measure and optimise our processes and strive to use the most cutting-edge technology.

Regional and global scalability

We provide comprehensive services in Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Flexibility and customised solutions

Our customers are our priority, which is why we dedicate all resources necessary to guarantee their satisfaction.

Assertiveness and expertise

We have an open, consultative approach backed up by over 40 years of experience in recruitment and selection.


Page Resourcing: solutions tailored to your company

Page Resourcing offers a solution tailored to your business's requirements, fostering its expansion and assisting in its strategic development. The employment procedure fully responds to the cultures and business models of our customers.

Do you need help for a volume-based hiring project? Contact us.

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